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NZ Strider’s Fox Footers

on December 27, 2009
The Lord of the RingsWhat the Fox Saw

Such a handsome devil… And to think that Peter Jackson excluded him from the movie!

Though ordinarily the soul of politeness, on one occasion the fox singularly failed to disguise his lack of interest in Sam’s stories about his Uncle Andy up in Tighfeld, him that was the Gaffer’s eldest brother, what had a ropewalk…

As the Fellowship wearily struggled to force its way through the pass over Caradhras, it rapidly became apparent that Legolas was not the only one who could run lightfooted over the snow.

Although Frodo — mostly to spare the old wizard’s feelings — recorded another version of the story, at the entrance to Moria it was not Gandalf who solved the riddle of the inscription, or indeed who found the door.

As the Fellowship travelled down the Anduin, the Fox rapidly proved himself the cleverest waterman of them all. He owed it all to years of practising a certain trick to rid himself of fleas

After the long dark of Moria, the Fox found the woods of Lothlórien rather a relief. And since he, in fact, did have the ears of a fox, he alone of the Fellowship was not apprehended by Haldir’s company.

When the Fellowship broke up after Boromir attempted to seize the Ring, the Fox sat for a while in deep thought as he decided whether he ought to follow Frodo and Sam or should instead help Aragorn track Merry and Pippin.

As the camera swept backwards to give a panoramic view of the Anduin, we saw that the Fox had finally decided to accompany Frodo and Sam to Mt. Doom.

A master of disguise, the fox easily blended in with Faramir’s rangers when Frodo and Sam were captured. (Errol Flynn, eat your heart out: you’re not even in the same league…)


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