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Scenes from the Hat – 2002 (1)

on December 29, 2009

SCENES FROM THE HAT – One line obituaries for Boromir

  • “He should have been a Hornblower.” (No Text)luinfalathiel
  • Can’t tell which way the wind is blowing. — Crebain from Dunland (No Text)Shadowen
  • “He paddled well” is starting to take on new meaning… —Aerlinn
  • “I come not to bury Boromir, but to praise him….” Aragorn (No Text)Ugly Troll
  • Dad, can I have his room? —Faramir (No Text)Elwen
    • “Sure. Just help me light the stove first.” (No Text)Morfalathiel
      • You’re bad —Scout B but very funny.
  • There was a little bit of all of us in him: One of Lurtz’ three arrows (No Text)Gaffer
  • “Alrighty then, one down and two to go!” – – Aragorn (No Text)Weige
  • He taught us,..when all else fails, kick ’em in the shins! – Merry & Pippin (No Text)woodelf1
  • Honorary posthumous membership for the Rauros trip — Gondor Canoe Club (No Text)Wídfara
  • He always wanted to use my comb. – Figwit. (No Text)Enchantress
    • …and my shampoo,and conditioner…. (No Text)woodelf1
      • … and your strawberry bubble bath! — Legolas —Lottelita
        Hey, dead men tell no tales!
  • He was always making for me — The Gap of Rohan (No Text)Wídfara
    • A good groaner, Widfara! (No Text)Scout B
    • Well, there was a sale! —Lottelita
      apologies to Cassandra Clare!
    • HA! Good one! (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
  • He gently picked me up out of the snow: The One Ring (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
  • Next time I’ve gotta keep my head about me! – Lurtz (No Text)Enchantress
  • Uruk-hai fodder. — Saruman (No Text)Sweet Master Frodo
    • “Saruman lied … I didn’t get to taste anything!” — Lurtz (No Text)Lottelita
      • and the rest of us can only dream… —Uitlander
        Oh, Boromir, we hardly tasted — er, knew ye!

        • Ha! —Lottelita
          I always think Saruman’s line, “You’ll taste man-flesh,” is diiiirrrrrty. But not undesirable where the men in this movie are concerned!

          • Oh, great. That’s just great. – DownfallenWest—
            Like I needed THAT mental image every time I hear that line from now on!
            Hey, wouldn’t this be a great place to make some quip about how it “comes in pints?!?”

            • I think Roheryn did that on Friday. —Lottelita
              Get that girl in the Fiesta, and it’s all over. 😉
          • ROFL! (No Text)Wídfara
    • “I’ll never forget when he let me blow the Horn of Gondor”–Pippin 😉 (No Text)Hobbit-Of-No-Intellegence
      • *snert* Mind in deep gutter land….. (No Text)Enchantress
    • Hmmmm….maybe it IS folly…. – any other Fellowship member (No Text)Scout B
      • LOL! (No Text)Wídfara
    • I’ve gotta get better help! – The One Ring (No Text)Enchantress
    • “He out-PHF’ed even me.” — Aragorn (No Text)Lottelita
    • He gave me a cool nickname: New Devilry — The Balrog (No Text)Wídfara
    • I’m getting all the fanchicks in the second movie: Faramir (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
    • Gondor has no Boromir…Gondor needs no Boromir —Elwen
      Sorry, it had to be said.
      • : ( You’re making me cry…we do so need him. (No Text)Rohwen
        • OK, then Aragorn said it. (not us) (No Text)Elwen
        • Yes, I can think of SEVERAL uses for him! >) (No Text)Lottelita
          • Lotty, that banishment thing needs a little work. (No Text)Wídfara
            • Why, all I meant was … —Lottelita

              fixing my car … you know … using the dipstick to check the fluid levels? Adjusting the ballbearings? Making sure everything’s running smooth under the hood? (And now I’M overheating …)

              • yeah right, fixing the car, um hmmmm. —greenleafphf
              • He was my Mr. Goodwrench — Lottelita (No Text)Wídfara
                • *snert* —Lottelita
                  I think I would be so prostrate with grief that speech would be quite beyond me. Then I’d start flirting with the grieving and emotionally vulnerable Aragorn.

                • Must…get…mind…out…of…gutter… —jordan_the_discursive
                  This one could get dangerous!

                  • We’re not helping you, jordan! —Lottelita

                    I’m afraid where Boz is concerned, it’s either gutter-fare or sappy drooling.
        • That cushion idea you had was pretty good……. (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
    • I envied everything about him (except his mortality, of course). -Celeborn (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
    • “Anyone have lighter fluid?” – His Father (No Text)Morfalathiel
      • Ooooooh. Nassssssty. (No Text)Jennie
      • LOL! (No Text)Lottelita
    • He got all the breaks, the lucky so-and-so. — Book Boromir (No Text)Wídfara
      • ROTFL!! (No Text)Jennie
    • I’ve just got a few short comments… — Ioreth (No Text)Wídfara
    • Great PR at Council of Elrond – Mordor Tourism Bureau (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
    • Here lies Boromir. He died by arrow instead of spear. (No Text)Inferno
    • “He called that a BEARD?” — Gimli (No Text)Lottelita
    • His thoughts were very entertaining to read. -Galadriel (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
    • Thank goodness he died before the internet was invented. —Lottelita
    • He tried to take my ring, but he didn’t really mean it. -Frodo (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
    • I never trusted the bloke—Sam (No Text)Elwen
    • He made a handsome pin-cushion. -Aragorn (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
      • Boromir … Aragorn … cushions … ::banishes dirty thoughts from mind:: (No Text)Lottelita
        • *receives dirty thoughts banished by Lotty* (No Text)Wídfara
    • Nyah nyah nyah nyah — The One Ring (No Text)Wídfara
    • Handled me so very lovingly: Shards of Narsil (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
    • He was good-lookin’, almost as good-lookin’ as me. — Legolas (No Text)Wídfara
      • But I look better in a pointy hat: Gandalf (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
    • He took those arrows like a man….of Gondor: Lurtz (No Text)jordan_the_discursive
    • He Blew his Horn Well — Merry (No Text)valasarah
    • He should have taken his shield. (No Text)Elwen
    • He bit his nails, but I liked him anyway. — Merry (No Text)Wídfara
    • He had a good speaking voice. — Sauron (No Text)Wídfara
    • He paddled well. – Pippin (No Text)Mrs. Boromir

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