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Scenes from the Hat – 2002 (3)

on December 29, 2009

Scenes from the Hat: Book titles in Elrond’s library! (6/19/02)
(No Text) —Thevina Finduilas

  • The Road Less Travelled (No Text) —Twilight Mere
  • The Wholefood Way to Inner Elf… (No Text) —Greenwood Hobbit
  • You might be a dark-elf —esiwmas

    If you’ve ever been too drunk to keep up with your dwarf prisoners….
    If you’ve consider a trip to the Shire an opportunity to pick up chicks….
    If someone mentions “the cracks of doom” and it reminds you to pull up your pants!
    You might be a dark-elf.
    hehe, that was fun, any others?

  • Haven’t seen you post before, but… —Thevina Finduilas
    what a creative mind!
    Love the “cracks of doom” crack….
    ; ]

  • The Domesday Book? (Pronounced DOOM, of course!!) (No Text) —Greenwood Hobbit
  • Child-Rearing the Half-Elven way (No Text) —Uitlander
  • All About Spanking —luinfalathiel
    Whoa, how’d that get in there?? 😉
    • Oooh, someone’s just beggin’ to be modded… (No Text) —Uitlander
    • o.O (No Text) —Ugly Troll
  • Kings and Queens of Numenor — with the page for Elros bookmarked (No Text) —Idril Celebrindal
  • I Never Sang for My Father (No Text) —Annael
  • River Flooding for Dummies (No Text) —Gaffer
  • The Man Who Would be King (in Aragorn’s room) (No Text) —Morwen
  • I bet Lurtz’s favorite book is “A Farewell to Arms” —Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
    • I was gonna say that, but I restrained myself! (No Text) —karen the magnificent
      • *listens* Is that the sound of ice skating in —Wídfara
        h e double toothpicks? Since WHEN have you restrained yourself? Good golly. Don’t start now, just when we’re getting used to the UNrestrained ktm! : – )
    • *groan!* 🙂 (No Text) —luinfalathiel
  • Rime of the Ancient Mariner (No Text) —Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
  • Battlefield Middle Earth by Elrond Hubbard —Ugly Troll
    And/Or To kill a Crebain
  • A Tale of Two Towers…and… —Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
    One Flew Over the Crebain’s Nest
    Flowers for Aragorn
    The Great Gamgee
    Bucklebury Finn (The Sequel to “Bombadil:The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (little naked hobbit butts running around his backyard!)”
    White Fangorn

    • I like the way your mind works! ; ) —Thevina Finduilas
  • Arda: Its Lands and Peoples (No Text) —Thevina Finduilas
  • Strawberry Aromatherapy: A DIY guide! (No Text) —Mirkwood Maiden
  • These Happy Golden Ears by Laura Ingalls Half-Elven (No Text) —Wídfara
    • or Little House In The Valley? 😀 (No Text) —luinfalathiel
  • A Field Guide To Silvan Elves (No Text) —luinfalathiel
  • Men are a Virus (No Text) —Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
    • AND Men are from Mordor, Women are from Lothlorien (No Text) —Mrs. Boromir
  • A Sear’s Catalog . . . with all the pages of purple dresses bookmarked? (No Text) —Samantha Baggins
  • And the Scented Bath Products Wholesale Catalog (No Text) —Jennie
  • Perry Took and the Sorcerer’s Stone (No Text) —Jennie

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