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Scenes from the Hat – 2002 (7)

on December 30, 2009

SCENES FROM THE HAT: If LOTR characters were famous singers or singing groups – —Mrs. Boromir (7/3/02)

  • Elvish Presley? (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
    • That was one of the best threads I’ve read in ages!! Good work all. (No Text)Aragorn’s Sexy Scar
  • Boom-shakalaka-Boom-Doom went the drum machines in the deep (No Text)L. Ron Halfelven
  • Frank Sauronatra (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
    • “Fly me from Mt. Doom”.. —Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
      I know Sauron wouldn’t sing it, but *I* thought it funny…
    • *groan* Good one, Mrs. B. (No Text)Wídfara
      • If you can’t unmake it there, you can’t unmake it anywhere, it’s up to you, Sammath Naur, Sammath Naur (No Text)L. Ron Halfelven
        • …singing “Stranglers in the Night”… (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
          • “. . . and I did it MY WAY!” (No Text)Annael
            • Ol’ Red Eyes, yup. (No Text)Annael
  • Legolas as Ted Nugent.. (No Text)Nazgul_Kidney
  • Celebrian Dion (No Text)Annael
    • Or Celandine Dion? (No Text)Tauriel
    • HAH! Good one! (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • Legolas: “It’s Not Easy Being (a) Greenleaf” (No Text)
  • The Bree Village People! (No Text)luinfalathiel
  • Peter, Aulë, and Merry (No Text)Wídfara
  • Numenorean TA-beruthiel Choir? (No Text)elf_wannabee
  • quENYA? (No Text)elf_wannabee
  • The Neekerbreekers (Beetles)? The Mordor Tower (Tabernacle) Choir? The Woses? (No Text)elf_wannabee
    • The Neekerbreekers singing Gladden Fields Forever. (No Text)Wídfara
      • Ooo! Good one! *glares* (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • Wain Newtonriders (No Text)Wídfara
  • Legolas and Aragorn ARE the Blues Brothers singing “Gimli Some Lovin” —Mrs. Boromir
    Blasphemy… (hangs head)
    • ROFL!! (No Text)luinfalathiel
    • I really need to hit you now. —Wídfara
      Some of these are real groaners, Mrs. B.
      (Great SftH, by the way.)

      • Oy, don’t I know it. —Mrs. Boromir
        But as I said, I was inspired by Ugly Troll (*cough* who’s his girlfriend *cough*) and his “Nob Dylan” at the Prancing Pony.
        Are you typing as you drive to Kentucky…I knew you were talented but wow! Or don’t you leave till tomorrow?

        • *cough* tomorrow *cough* —Wídfara
          ROFLMAO! Very subtle, very subtle. *still laughing*
  • Bruce Springsteen and the Balrogs “I’m on Fire” (No Text)Morwen
    • also “Dancing in the Dark” (No Text)Annael
    • and “Celeborn to Run” (No Text)Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
  • Jewel of Fëanor (No Text)Wídfara
  • Lee Greenwood the Great (No Text)Wídfara
  • Night Ranger! 😀 (No Text)luinfalathiel
  • Rod Steward of Minas Tirith … ? —luinfalathiel
    OK, I’m reaching … 🙂
    How about Dead or Alive, with Gandalf as the lead singer?

  • Moria Carey (she’s about dwarf size, right?) (No Text)Wídfara
  • Merry Knight and the Pip? (No Text)Annael
    • “The Five Pips” — shudder…. (No Text)Watson
      • The Four Weathertops (No Text)Wídfara
        • Ike & Tina Turin (No Text)Annael
        • LOL! What corny fun! (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • Steely Dunedain!! (No Text)Thevina Finduilas
  • Steppenwarg singing “Beorn to Be Wild” (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • Sauron in the Tower of Power! (No Text)Scout B
  • Tom Bomb and the B52s …(ugh) (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • Earth, Wind and Fire (the elvish rings). (No Text)Patty
  • The Hobbits could be the Monkees… (No Text)Enchantress
    • No, they’re the Fab Four (No Text)L. Ron Halfelven
    • Or Liberace, I wonder if he can play the piano? (No Text)Enchantress
  • Dunedan Dunedan (No Text)Annael
  • The elf, the dwarf, the human and the orc singing Y-M-C-A… (No Text)Ugly Troll
    • I would pay a lot of money to see Elijah, John Rhys-Davies, Orlando, and Viggo in costume doing that . . . (No Text)Annael
      • Who would be wearing the Indian headdress? *snert* (No Text)Enchantress
        • Lurtz (he’d be in the line too) (No Text)Annael
        • ACK! There’s 5 of them? My mistake, add a troll :o) . (No Text)Ugly Troll
    • BWAHAHAHAHAHA! —Magrat
      Ow, laughing that hard can crack a rib.
  • The Backroad Hobbits! (No Text)Chewie
  • The Trolling Stones —Mrs. Boromir
    Is it tacky to play at one’s own game…?
  • A Dwarvish rock group: Aerosmiths (No Text)Wídfara
    • Aulesmiths? (No Text)Annael
      • Aerosmith could work… —Watson
        …if it referred to Manwe and Aule
  • Lóni Mitchell: They paved Valinor and put up a parking lot. (No Text)Wídfara
    • HAH!! …wait, that’s not funny (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
      • Construction foreman: And get the backhoe in here to knock down these two trees! (No Text)Wídfara
        • *beep beep beep* Watch out behind. (No Text)Enchantress
          • *tsk tsk* Valinor needed a Sustainable Development Committee. (No Text)Wídfara
            • No kidding! Next thing they’ll get is a Wargmart! (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
              • And a Hooter’s right next to the Prancing Pony. —Wídfara
                Poor Barliman. How will he compete?
                • Ahhh, for the large busted, um, Dwarves??? (No Text)Enchantress
  • Lena Horne of Gondor (No Text)Wídfara
    • Ohhhh,, That is soo begging to be satirized —Enchantress
    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!! (No Text)Scout B
  • Saruman in “Cheap Trick” ??? (No Text)Scout B
  • Celembrimbor (sp): Lead singer of The Smiths, Numenor and Valinor: The Westside Connection (No Text)vedhed
  • An Archie comics spin-off: Queen Berúthiel and the Pussycats (No Text)Wídfara
  • The Ents as….The Screaming Trees (No Text)Scout B
  • Aragorn in Night Ranger. (No Text)Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
  • Eowyn could be in the Violent Femmes. (No Text)Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin
  • Gimli, lead guitar (ax) in Molly Hatchett? (No Text)Foe-Hammer_of_Gondolin

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