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Scenes from the Hat – 2002 (9)

on December 30, 2009

SCENES FROM THE HAT: Books found in Sauron’s library — Mrs. Boromir (7/10/02)

  • “Who Moved My Ring?” (No Text)Annael
    • Darn! (No Text) — —Twilight Mere
  • The Lonely Planet Guide to Mordor (No Text)luinfalathiel
  • “Lord of the Flies” hey, you gotta start small. 🙂 (No Text)esiwmas
  • Everything I Ever Really Needed To Know, I Learned In Eregion (No Text)Eowyn of Penns Woods
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (No Text)bunny of many colors
  • Frodo Shrugged (No Text)Wídfara
  • Don Quixote of la Shire (No Text)Pennadariel
  • Ophthalmology for Dummies (No Text)Eledhwen
  • The Joy of Hex (No Text)HRHArwen
  • Mordor on $5 a Day (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • The Fine Art of Friendly Persuasion (No Text)HRHArwen
  • Travels with My Ent (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • The Whole Middle Earth Catalogue (No Text)Blue Wizard
  • Nazgul for Dummies, or Growing your finger back in 12 easy steps. (No Text)Enchantress
  • A Tale of Two Towers (Dickens revision) (No Text)Nomad
    • LOL Very good!! (No Text)Ginger
  • Chicken Soup for the Maia Soul (No Text)Celandine Brandybuck
  • Microsoft’s Ledger of course (No Text)Gaffer
  • How to Eliminate Elves and Other Household Pests (No Text)Uitlander
  • “How to Find Anyone Anywhere” (No Text)Morwen
  • “It’s Okay to Delegate Authority” (c. 1600 S.A.) (No Text)Soothfast
  • If You Give an Orc a Cookie… (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • “Me, Myself, and Eye” (No Text)The White Rider
    • LOL! I like it! (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • “How to minimize stress and conflict in the workplace” (No Text)The White Rider
    • Shouldn’t that be “maximize”? (No Text) — Soothfast
      • that’s true! (No Text) —Bifur
      • d’oh! (No Text)The White Rider
  • “Volcanology and Blacksmithing — Together at Last” (No Text)Soothfast
  • The Catcher in the Eye (No Text)Nomad
  • “An extensive guide to forging techniques” (No Text)The White Rider
  • Visine 2002 Catalog of Products (No Text)Nomad
  • “How to Work With a Difficult Boss” (1st ed.) (No Text)Soothfast
  • Halfling Torture Techniques: A history (No Text)Nomad
  • The Zen Guide to Palantír Maintenance (No Text)Celandine Brandybuck
  • So You Want to Build a Tower (No Text)Soothfast
  • An Opthamalogist’s Guide for Eye Conditions (No Text)Mrs. Boromir
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting Orcs (No Text) —Celandine Brandybuck
  • “7 Habits of Highly Effective Evil Overlords” (No Text)Annael
  • “How to Grow Uruk-Hai” (No Text)Ginger
  • “Easy-to-learn Cooking while still being able to boss a bunch of Orcs around.” (No Text)Frodosgurl
  • “How to take over Middle-earth and Make Pretty Rings at the Same Time.” (No Text)Frodosgurl
  • Harlequin Romance Volume 78: “Arwen’s Innocence” —lumpkin
    I think he’s secretly a lonely misanthropic chap with a romantic heart! Either that or he likes the idea of how mad Elrond would be if he knew Arwen posed for the revealing picture on the cover.
  • Machiavelli’s “The Little Prince” —DiamondTook
    A charming allegory in which all of the whimsical and delightful cast of characters are executed…
  • “Taking over the world for Dummies” (No Text)The White Rider

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